tea gift basket

Giving The Gift Of Tea With A Tea Gift Basket

If you’re giving a gift basket to someone who enjoys tea, nothing says I love you more than a gift basket filled with things that person enjoys, such as tea, biscuits, cookies, candies, etc. That way, you’re encouraging relaxation and reflection as the giver and receiver enjoy cups of tea together.

DIY Tea Gift Basket Ideas

There are several options when it comes to assembling your tea gift basket. You can get a big bunch of tea, put each type of tea in a separate container, wrap it all up tight, and have one of the companies mentioned above put it all together for you.

black tea with raspberries

Or, you can go to a specialty tea shop and pick out the teas yourself, and have the shop assemble the gift basket for you. Or, you can do it yourself! That’s what I suggest if you’re the type of person who enjoys getting involved in things like this. It’s very simple to do and won’t take you more than 30 minutes or so.

Buying Customized Tea Gift Baskets

Some companies have a standard “gift basket” you can purchase and send that includes cups, tea bags, tea accouterments such as sugar spoons, strainers, and sometimes even tea-flavored snacks, YUM.

tea with lemon pie

Often, when companies offer customization, they will also allow you to specify the actual basket you would like to use for your gift basket. That way, your gift is truly personalized and your customer has something special, something unique that represents you and your business.

Where to Buy Tea Gift Baskets Online

The Internet is a fantastic resource for finding companies that will assemble your gift baskets for you. With the growth of online commerce, more and more companies of this nature are offering their services through cyberspace. A few clicks of the mouse and you’ve got yourself a hand-selected, elegantly packaged gift for the recipients among you.

What to Include in A DIY Tea Gift Basket

If you really want to put a lot of thought and effort into your tea gift basket, you can come up with a one-of-a-kind gift that is totally unique and highly appreciated. You can recycle many of these ideas to also create a coffee gift basket for the coffee lover in your life.

If you are giving a tea gift basket, you should include some of your favorites and some of your favorites of the person you are giving it to. Perhaps you can find one or two antique teacups at a local antique store if you include one or two pieces of some beautiful, reasonably priced china. Don’t be afraid to get creative, round out the tea gift basket with personal touches. Some delicate linen napkins, an interesting container for loose tea, and some chocolates are included. Whatever you think will make the tea gift basket unique is what you should put in it. A great personal touch if you are into crocheting is to create a personalized tea cup sleeve like the one below.

tea mug with knitted cover

Most of all, make sure you have fun and put thought into your tea gift basket. Doing this will ensure anyone who receives it will feel the love and thoughtlessness you put into the gift.